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By Kalena



When you go to the salon to pamper yourself, do you know what to look for in a professional Nail Technician?  You need to know if she/he cares about you and your health.


What do I mean by this?  When the person before you leaves after receiving a pedicure, the pedicure bowl should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  And it shouldn’t be a “wipe down”.  The pedicure bowl should be soaked, disinfected, and sanitized for at least 10 to 15 minutes.  If the bowl has jets, they should be running during the sanitation.  This procedure should be performed after each client.  Do not settle for anything less than this!


Also, while receiving your service, the metal implements should be soaking in the disinfecting liquid.  The Nail Technician should also wipe the implements after touching your skin before immersing it into the liquid.   And the manicure table should be cleaned and sanitized after each client.


 What should you do if you have nail fungus?  You should not go to the manicurist until you see your doctor first.  Then, if the doctor says it is okay for you to have the manicurist service, you need to bring a letter from your doctor stating that it is okay for you to receive service.  The Nail Technician has the right to refuse service to you.


 Kalena is a homebased and mobile Nail Technician.  Kalena is a licensed manicurist and creates fabulous nail art!  She is always offering specials, check out her website for monthly deals.  Kalena’s website is www.sugarkdesigns.com.