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SUN CITY, AZ, October 06, 2010 /-- Awesome Hair is a guide that explains to women of African descent that they do have the potential to grow their hair long and have beautiful, AWESOME hair. It shows that it does not involve spending a ton of money and buying expensive products.

Awesome Hair talks about the author's own personal experience of growing her hair long. It discusses using the right products for black hair and includes an extensive list of sources. The information in the book is helpful to others that are not of African descent too.

Contents of the book:

Should you really clip those ends?
How to deep condition your hair
Finding the right beautician
Phases of the moon
Shampoos and conditioners for dry hair
Hair oils and grease
Proper care for dry hair
Going natural
Hair recipes
"I'd rather straighten my hair"
List of resources

Awesome Hair is available as an eBook and/or print book. You may also view short video clips and photos of hair growth on the website. Please call 623-255-8491 for more information.

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Awesome Hair, A Guide To Growing Black Hair Long